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Summerization/Spring Service
Labor Rate
Dockside Service and Pick Up
Summerization/Spring Service

Summerization Special.... $129.99 plus parts, fuel, and tax.
(Jet boats $149.99 plus parts, fuel, and tax, PER ENGINE.)

Each year, for the entire month of March, we run a special to receive $10 off on this service. Beat the crowd and save some money doing it! 

This is the exact form we use when summerizing your ski or jet boat. Please keep in mind that not all items apply to every machine.


        ˆ  Remove battery, top off level and charge, clean battery cable ends

ˆ       Check compression: Front ______ Middle ______ Rear ______

ˆ       Replace and gap spark plugs with OEM recommended plugs

ˆ       Inspect/Adjust oil pump alignment

ˆ       Check/Inspect pump, intake grate, exit nozzle, and trim assembly. Spray with protectant.

ˆ       Inspect trim gauge operation

ˆ       Replace Sea Doo pump oil and cone O-ring. Pressure test for 5 minutes (Sea Doo PWC only)

ˆ       Inspect prop: Leading edges and trailing edges

ˆ       Lube driveline PTO and driveline bearing carrier assembly

ˆ       Lube and adjust throttle cable

ˆ       Lube reverse lever and cable

ˆ       Adjust idle

ˆ       Drain fuel bowl and replace fuel filter  

ˆ       Install new oil filter (2 stroke models)

ˆ       Top off oil level to stop oil light blinking

ˆ       Remove all loose hardware in watercraft (zipties, bolts, nuts, etc)

ˆ       Check quality of fuel, if bad or old, replace with fresh fuel

ˆ       Inspect all gauges

ˆ       Inspect fire extinguisher

ˆ       Inspect and adjust trailer tire air pressure

ˆ       Lube trailer, winch, and wheel bearings (when applicable)

ˆ       Inspect bottom of hull

ˆ       Align handlebars with steering nozzle

ˆ       Check charging voltage at battery: ________ volts DC

ˆ       Lake test the watercraft to check for proper operation and inspect for water             leaks

ˆ       Oil and oil filter change (4 stroke models)

ˆ       Wash inside and outside of ski




Please install your drain plugs before your next ride


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